Vapor - Boa Inside-Out Glove

Color: Black/Mint
Size: Medium
Sale price$ 89.99


Think about it. How could a glove even compete with a Boa closure to dial in your fit? Webbing will never pull as evenly as our lace system. Period. Neoprene limits stretch without losing comfort. That means no sagging and no change in the fit of your glove over time.

It’s exclusive to Vapor Boa! Aramid palm material contributes flexibility and max grip. Get on the Vapor Boa train. If you’re serious about skiing, you’ll do it.

Key Features

  • BOA Lacing Technology Exclusive to Radar and the Vapor glove. Dial in your fit.
  • Double Gauge Thread Thicker thread means better longer lasting seams.
  • Neoprene Stretch Zone There are good places to have stretch in your glove and places you want it to have more resiliency. We put neo only in the zones you need to flex.
  • Double Layered Palm Two layers of Amara with a little padding in between for the best palm protection.
  • Pre-Curved Fingers There’s no reason for your hand to ever be open to flat, so why would your gloves fit like that? Our pre-curved designs are magically formed to a skier’s hand position. Sorry. We just can’t tell you how it’s done.
  • Inside-Out Construction Look to the left. This is the best thing to happen to your gloves since someone thought to wear them.

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