Color: Black
Size: 9
Sale price$ 89.00


This pro skate shoe is 100% vegan, and introduces two new materials to our design toolkit. Our new, high performance vegan suede is 3X more resistant than animal suede. Recycled fabric webbing makes for an ultra-durable combination. The contrasting materials and detailed stippling are a nostalgic hint to the basketball shoes Mike famously preferred to skate in the 80s.


  • High Performance Vegan Suede

    Did you know? Our vegan suede is 3X more resistant than animal suede.

  • Heavy-Duty Recycled Fabric

    Our recycled polyester fabric makes for an ultra-durable webbing.

  • Long-Lasting Construction

    Designed for durability and a longer life span, The Vallely features a triple-stitched upper, fully stitched outsole, and rubber overlays.

  • 100% Vegan Comfort

    Our cork + memory foam (from mamona oil) insoles are super comfy and plant-based, tucked inside a vulcanized natural rubber outsole.

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