VX7 Team

BS The Board Shop

The VX7 Team Edition has always been Madd gears best "bang for your buck" model and this year is no different. With a 4.5” wide concave deck, MADD GEAR HIC compression and 110mm alloy core wheels coming standard they have gone one better and chrome plated the bars, switched the wheels for the cold-forged Filth cores with new K-2 ABEC 9 bearings and even upgraded to anodized finish on the decks. The MGP VX7 Team deck continues to evolve increasing strength and eliminating weight using the highest quality 6061 T4 and T6 Heat Treated alloy in a 4.5” wide internally fluted deck with a 3 degree concave. The signature MGP downtube is robotic welded to the extruded deck base. Hands down the best spec at this price point!

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Vendor: BS The Board Shop