Salomon Quest Access 60 W Womens Ski Boots

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True beginners and mellow intermediates that have a medium to wide foot shape and medium to wide leg shape love the Salomon Quest Access 60 W. With a very soft 60 flex rating and 104mm last, the Quest Access 60 is very forgiving and supportive for a lighter or newer skier to learn how to keep their knees over their toes and flex a ski boot properly. Salomon's 24mm Oversized Pivot connects the upper cuff to the lower shell and drives energy directly to the edges of your skis. Ride and Hike Technology allows you to walk very easily in the boot by unlocking the cuff of the boot and giving you more rearward mobility, so your stroll to the chairlift will be nice and easy. The Specific Women Low Cuff is designed for the shorter fuller female leg shape to be comfortable. The Quest Access 60 has Woolmetal insulation, which is a mix of wool and metallic polyester that has great insulating properties to keep you warm all day on the mountain. Salomon's My Custom Fit Comfort Women Specific Liner has more taper to it and a narrower heel pocket to keep your foot supported and comfortable. If you are looking for a boot that will be soft and forgiving with a medium to wide foot and leg shape, the Salomon Quest Access 60 is a great choice.


  • Best Fits Medium to Wide Foot Shapes and Medium to Wide Leg Shapes
  • Specific Women Low Cuff
  • Ride & Hike Technology
  • 24mm Oversized Pivot
  • Woolmetal Insulation
  • My Custom Fit Comfort Liner
  • 35mm Strap

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