S force

Size: 175
Sale price$ 499.99


This is the perfect ski set for skiers looking for a wider on-piste ski that will help them carve down the slopes in different snow conditions.
Experience the force of on-piste skiing at every turn.


- Primary Practice: Alpine Ski
- Usage:On-Piste
- Edge Grip: The Semi Sidewall construction is built to provide you with better edge grip at every turn.
- Terrain absorption: The rocker tip provides optimum balance between terrain absorption and stability, so you can tackle all snow conditions with confidence.
- Stability: The 75mm wide waist ensures increased stability at every turn.


- Pack Ski + Binding: Yes
- Construction: Semi sandwich
- Shape profile: Tip rocker
- Top sheet: Glossy in mold structuration
- Alpine terrain: on piste
- Level of practice :beginner
- Piste: 6/6
- Powder: 1/6
- Skier level On-Piste: 2/6

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