Reflex Package



Proline’s entry-level wakeboard rope and handle combo, the Reflex Package is a great value choice and provides a solid pull. A soft EVA foam handle and 65’ poly-e mainline.

The Proline Reflex Package is their most basic entry-level wakeboard rope and handle. The Reflex handle is constructed with a soft molded EVA foam for a comfortable grip that keeps your hands from fatiguing so that you can ride longer. The tractor grip shaping increases total grip surface area by 25% for a better connection between the handle and the rider’s hands. A ⅜” poly-e line creates minimal stretch while riding for a solid pull. The rope is 65 ft. in total length with three 5 ft. sections so that you can easily adjust the rope length based on the boat’s wake and rider’s skill level. Both the handle and mainline float on top of the water for improved safety and visibility.

Proline Reflex Wakeboard Rope Package

  • -Soft Molded EVA Foam Handle
  • -Tractor Grip Shaping Increases Total Surface Area by 25%
  • -⅜” Low-Stretch Poly-E Line
  • -Floating Handle and Mainline
  • -65’ Total Length w/ Three 5’ Sections

Type: Rope

Vendor: Proline

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