X-Drive 8.0 + XT10



Responsive and versatile for fun in the resort.
  • Fact sheet
  • Weight
  • Side Cut Tip 124
  • Side Cut Waist 80
  • Side Cut Tail 107
  • Radius12.3
  • Boot Midsole 690
  • Rocker Shape 260
  • Side Cut Tip 125
  • Side Cut Waist 80
  • Side Cut Tail 108
  • Radius 12.9
  • Boot Midsole 721
  • Rocker Shape 270
  • Side Cut Tip 126
  • Side Cut Waist 80
  • Side Cut Tail 109
  • Radius 13.6
  • Boot Midsole 752
  • Rocker Shape 280
  • Side Cut Tip 127
  • Side Cut Waist 80
  • Side Cut Tail 110
  • Radius 14.4
  • Boot Midsole 782
  • Rocker Shape 290
  • Weight per ski2017g @170 w/o binding 3115g @170 w/ binding
  • Single Ti Laminate: A single layer of Titanium reinforcement for great edge grip, efficient energy transfert and liveliness
  • Composite: Combination of fibers that reduces weight, and adds maneuvrability and forgiveness.
  • Tip protector: Increased ski longevity: to keep skis visually attractive even after intense use.
  • Semi Sandwich: Monocoque in the tip and tail for reduced swing weight and effortless pivot combined with sandwich construction underfoot for a progressive grip, more control & smoother snow contact
  • Tail Protector
  • X-Track
  • All-Terrain Rocker 2.0: With a slight tip and tail rise, All Terrain Rocker 2.0 adds an extra dimension of versatility and control for all mountain skiing. Camber in the middle of the ski and full length contact guarentees strong edge grip, stability and power for hard snow and piste skiing. In addition to the excellent terrain absorption and intuitive turn initiation, the slight twin rocker also allows the ski to pivot much easier when ski is flat, increasing control and maneuverability in all conditions.
  • RKS (Rocker Stabilizer): 3D composite fiber reinforcement in the rocker contact zones. Dramatically improves precision and steering on-piste when applied to rockered skis.
  • X-Chassis: Carbon/Polyamide diagonal reinforcement in the middle of the ski, increases torsional rigidity of a flexed ski, and prevents twisting from forces applied in a carved turn. Dramtically improves edge grip and stability, especially when applied on lighter constructions.
  • Glossy
  • XT10

Vendor: Salomon

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