For young skiers who fear no obstacle or hit – the durable Kojo offers great style and even greater function. The Kojo’s construction and performance mirror the prime quality and safety featured with the adult KOJAK. Thanks to the MarkAIR CHANNEL SYSTEM, your head has the optimal ventilation. With the custom PARK FIT SYSTEM, the KOJO adjusts to your head size quickly and ergonomically.

  • ABS HARDSHELL CONSTRUCTION: The ABS HARDSHELL CONSTRUCTION involves a light EPS core for impact absorption and an ultra-thin but rigid ABS outer shell. It has been specially engineered to fit the EPS core, completely enveloping it in a durable shell. This ensures the best possible distribution of force in the event of an impact. The rugged ABS surface is also resistant to scratches and dents – so this lightweight helmet will still look great even after many days of hard use.
  • BEANIE READY: Like skiing with a beanie under your helmet – or sometimes with, sometimes without? BEANIE READY means that you can remove the lining from your helmet quickly and easily, and replace the lining with your beanie. The helmet has no annoying Velcro sections that could damage your hat!
  • Xdry Fleece LINING: High-quality, lightweight and fluffy fleece interior lining for a warm, dry helmet interior. As you’d expect, it’s anti-bacterial, removes quickly, and is hand-washable in lukewarm water.
  • PARK FIT SYSTEM: Simple and highly effective. The PARK FIT SYSTEM works like a baseball cap closure, with three different width settings for the helmet. The system is super-easy to use, lightweight, and guarantees a perfect fit–since it adapts to the shape of the back of your head. The large adjustment range means the helmet will grow along with the wearer!
  • MarkAIR Channel System (clear vision and a cool head):The complex MarkAIR CHANNEL SYSTEM, used in all MARKER helmets, is the most advanced temperature regulation system available. It consists of a precisely calculated network of vent openings and air channels to combine the ventilation of the outer shell with interior channels of the EPS foam core. This allows the MarkAIR CHANNEL SYSTEM to literally “draw” the warm, moist air out of the goggles, “sucking” it along the air channels and out of the helmet to reduce significantly any fogging of the goggles. At the same time there is a constant and pleasant flow of air to cool the entire system and regulate it automatically. This ensures a cool head whatever the situation.
  • REMOVABLE EARPADS: The ergonomic design of the removable ear padding ensures a warm, comfortable fit. All ear pads (excluding KOJO) are also AUDIO READY for all current systems, meaning they work with your sound system and/or mobile phone. Easy to remove and hand-washable in lukewarm water.
  • PSE GOGGLE CLIP: A great looking and highly functional goggle clip to secure the goggle strap. Easy and simple to replace or remove. When the clip is removed, the PSE DISC protects the thread and keeps it free from ice and snow.

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Vendor: Marker

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