High Pressure S.U.P. Pump


Standard inflation pumps won't cut-the-mustard when it comes to inflating your SUPs, kayaks and rafts. These types of inflatables require higher pressure to perform properly. The Connelly SUP High Pressure (HP) Pump can get the job done for you. This 12-volt HP pump provides fast 2-stage inflation and deflation. To prevent over inflation or under inflation to meet manufactures recommended optimum pressure the Connelly SUP High Pressure Pump allows you to dial in the pressure from 1 to 20 psi (0.07 to 1.4 bars). You are always guaranteed to properly inflate your SUP or boat. Pump is easy to hook up to a vehicle power source with the included lighter plug and alligator clips for convenient attachment. Extra-long power cable and corrugated inflation-deflation hose make for easy handling the largest inflatables. Inflate/Deflate hose comes with adapter for Boston type inflatable valves. The pump is housed in a durable plastic housing and is equipped with a convenient carry handle.

Type: tubes


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