Dream '17

Liquid Force

The FURY and DREAM boards are designed to help your grom’s progress, improve and grow as riders! The 125’s feature a sharper, more distinguished outline and a more aggressive rocker curve to attack the larger wakes with confidence and control. As the size of the board decreases, the board features size down anatomically with the shape. The various board sizes are designed specifically to help your young ripper improve and progress on the water as they continue to grow their riding at the lake or at the cable park.

Key Features of Liquid Force Dream Wakeboard:
  • Mellow, Continuous Rocker on 115
  • Aggressive, Continuous Rocker on 120
  • Hybrid Rocker on 125
  • D-I-S-C Hull through Center Into Slight Vee
  • Vee Tip Channel
  • Pro-Glass Combo Layup
  • Low Volume Rails with Concaved Beveled Edge (Softest Edge on 115, Progressively Sharper from 120 to 125)
  • Deep Molded-In Quad Fins (Fins Progressively Grow and Get Sharper from 115 to 125)

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