Coral Women's Impact Jacket



For tenacious swimming females that are ok with sacrificing buoyancy with reduced weight.


  • Synthetic PU Foil -Not content with just the mortal bling of Glideskin and need the extra “look at me” material? We proudly present to you this stuff…
  • Four Way Stretch Neoprene -A material that moves in any direction when you do.
  • Perforated Airaprene -We have a little honeycomb thing going on. It makes our surfers have more feel with the water. We also throw a similar lighter more breathable material on some of our jackets too.
  • Thermal Inside Liner -Quite arguably the greatest creation since we came up with the Capella vest. A material that feels extra comfy when you try it on dry, and dries quicker than a standard material. 
  • 1 Zip Closure
  • Non Coast Guard Approved

Type: Vest

Vendor: Ronix

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