Connelly Aspect Slalom Waterski



The Aspect is a predictable, stable ski that performs at a remarkably high level. The same performance features of the V on a slightly wider frame push the limits of what a ski can do at 28 mph. Sharp bevels on a wide forebody set the ski higher in the water and add support on aggressive turns. The fiberglass layup is designed to address the agility of the skier and offer a softer, more forgiving ride. Step technology reduces drag along the base making turns easy. Closed-cell polyurethane resin core with recreational glass flex sequence. Aluminum drop-through fin with foil.

Fiberglass Layup: Less variable than wood, a fiberglass construction has advanced weave and fiber properties that provide consistent flex, vibration dampening, and a super light weight.

V-Tech Base: Key to maneuverability and decreased drag, the V-Tech base has six V-shaped steps that regulate the flow of water on the base. The steps break up the wet surface area from the front binding to the fin so that less water sticks to your ski as you accelerate forward.

Standard Tunnel: Running the length of the ski, this tunnel sets the ski deep in the water. It leaves more flat surface between the edge of the tunnel and bevel to give the ski more stability while maintaining edge hold.

Shadow Bindings: The Shadow binding has been redesigned for 2018 to accommodate a wider array of foot sizes while maintaining a high supportive fit. A Lycra lined toe and heel wrap are molded to fit snug without causing pressure points. Loosen the lace to open the boot wide, and you'll have the Shadow binding on in no time. The floating toe will accommodate large and small foot sizes alike. Soft EVA footbed is set in Connelly's super-light plate design for a responsive bond between you and your ski. Sizes: S/M(5 - 11), L/XL(9 - 14).

Aspect 65:
Binding Location: 28.125"
Suggested Speed: 26 - 32 MPH
For skiers up to 180 lbs.

Aspect 67:
Binding Location: 29.125"
Suggested Speed: 26 - 32 MPH
For skiers 180 - 220 lb. skiers

Aspect 69:
Binding Location: 30.0625"
Suggested Speed: 26 - 32 MPH
For skiers over 220 lbs.

Type: Slalom


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