WAKEFOIL Austin Keen Surf Series Foil Package

Liquid Force

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Elevate the fun this summer by gliding through the water on Austin Keen’s new signature surf series WAKEFOIL. Behind any boat and in any conditions, the feeling of surfing a foil will leave you speechless.

Foils are the craze right now and it is no surprise. The sensation of riding a foil is unlike anything else you’ve ever rode behind the boat. If you haven’t hopped on a foil yet, this Summer is the time to do it and Austin Keen’s new signature surf series WAKEFOIL is the hottest setup on the water right now.

Foiling is the future and the future is now. Opening up a whole new spectrum of riding, the possibilities are endless when riding a foil. Surf the wave immediately behind the boat or go way back to surf the third, fourth, or fifth wake. This 4' 6" board also doubles as a wakesurf board. Plug the fin boxes when you are foiling and when you are wanting to wakesurf, remove the foil mast, throw in some fins, and start wakesurfing. It is basically two boards in one and endless fun all day long.

A sizeable wake isn’t required to cruise on a WAKEFOIL. That means you can ride this board behind direct drives, pontoon boats, jet skis, and of course a brand new wakeboard boat. Whether it is glassy water or rougher conditions, the foil allows you to float above the water and glide smoothly. Always fun, all the time, no matter the boat or the conditions.

The signature Surf Series Austin Keen WAKEFOIL is designed to suit riders of all ages, sizes, and ability levels. Its user-friendly design was built to make it easy to get started and feeling comfortable riding a foil. In no time you’ll be getting lifted and soaring high above the water for that smooth, buttery feel only a foil can offer. The foil will surely be the hit of the summer among your family and friends. Get ready for the most fun you’ve had behind the boat since your first time riding with the new Austin Keen Surf Series WAKEFOIL.

Type: Wakesurf

Vendor: Liquid Force

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